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Rugby football developed from a version of football played at Rugby School and was originally one of several versions of football played at English public schools during the 19th century.


There are two distinctively different forms of rugby rugby union and rugby league. The basic rules of the game are the same, getting the ball over the line for a try. The main differences between the two games, besides league having teams of 13 players and union of 15, involve the tackle and its aftermath

Rugby Types:

  • Rugby Union - In 1863 the Blackheath Club decided to leave the Football Association and formation of the Rugby Football Union in 1871. The International Rugby Board (IRB) has been the governing body for rugby union since its formation in 1886. There are several variants of Rugby Union:
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    • Rugby sevens - playing with only seven players;
    • Rugby ten - playing with ten players;
    • Mini rugby - for children;
    • American Flag Rugby;
    • Touch rugby - "tackles" are made by simply touching the ball carrier with two hands;
    • Tagu Rgby - the participants wear a belt with two hook-and-loop fastener tags, the removal of either counting as a 'tackle';
    • Beach Rugby;
    • Snow Rugby;
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  • Rugby League - usually called rugby league is played by two teams of thirteen players. Rugby league is played internationally, predominantly by European, Australasian and Pacific countries. It is governed by the Rugby League International Federation;