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European Leagues:

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  • Premier League /England/ - The Premier League or The Premiership is an English professional league for football clubs. It is currently contested by 20 clubs, operating a system of promotion and relegation with The Football League;

  • La Liga /Spain/ - The Primera División (First Division) of the Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) most known as "La Liga" is the top professional association football division of Spain. A total of 59 teams have competed in La Liga, nine of which have been crowned champions;

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  • Bundesliga /Germany/ - The Fußball-Bundesliga or Bundesliga is a professional association football league in Germany. A total of 51 clubs have competed in the Bundesliga since its founding. The Bundesliga is one of the top national leagues;
  • Ligue 1 /France/ - the French professional league for association football clubs is Ligue 1, known as Division 1. Contested by 20 clubs. Ligue 1 is one of the top national leagues, currently ranked fifth in Europe. Serie A has produced the highest number of European Cup finalists;
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  • Serie A /Italia/ - a professional league competition for football clubs located at the top of the Italian football league system;