Golden State retreated to Minnesota

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sport tips Carl-Anthony Towns adjusted his own inaccurate shooting only 37. 5 seconds before the Hunters siren to win with a 109:103 against the Golden State, with which Timberwolves ceased their series three consecutive losses and left Warriors in a Houston match at the Western Conference of the NBA.

Seeking a way to avoid a second consecutive loss over the past three days, Warriors narrowed their lead to Kevin Durant`s 103:104 three-time lead before the start of the last two minutes. Subsequently, the guests were given the chance to lead for the first time in the last quarter, but Clay Thompson did not take advantage of the stolen ball and missed a long shot. Townsnade shot a shot under the three-point lead, and after Durant failed to equalize, Timberwolves` center won a fight after their own wrong shot and scored for 108:103. Warriors missed their next two attempts to lose and lose the match.

Durant scored 39 points, but none of the last four firings at the Golden State were successful. Jeff Teague put his hands on the game analyzed by tennis tips with a basket after a violation. Towns ended with 31 points and 16 rebounds for the winners, while Andrew Wiggins scored 23 points against the champions.

Best tips blog

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