Benedito: `Bartomeu is out of control at Barcelona!`

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sport tips The former presidential candidate of Barcelona Agusti Benedito attacked Josep Maria Bartomeu with allegations that he had missed the club`s control game, and therefore intends to file a motion of censure against the Board of Directors. For the transfer campaign Benedito said:

`That is the problem that we have now at the club. Bartomeu has not been in a control of things since days. In terms of planning, this summer was a disaster. As I said, the President Bartomeu is out of control. A lot of people, because of the poor summer and deterioration of the team and the loss of Neymar, have already spoken about their concerns.`

`It is true that many factors affect the club mentioned by basketball facts negatively, but there is no doubt that the bad sport policy hurts the club. I was watching the Board and I can see that they are worried. I think that they know that the vote of distrust will be accepted. There will a vote. I do not deny the chance for them to resign before the vote to begin.`

Best tips blog

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