Types of Football Bets Explained

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sport tips In the following lines we will present you the main types of bets on soccer. We repeat – those are just the essentials. Most bookmakers offer dozens, even hundreds of options. Here are the most common types of bets and a brief explanation of each of them. Decide which one is the best for you, when you are done with your soccer tips and you are about to place a bet:

• 1x2 – that is the standard bet on soccer matches. ‘1’ means a victory for the host team, ‘X’ is for a tie, but ‘2’ is a victory for the guest team. If you are not a total beginner in football betting, then you are probably familiar with that option;

• Goals scored (over or under a certain number) – most commonly that bet is associated with the scoring less than three goals or scoring three or more goals. In order not to cause any confusion in the punters, the bookmakers present it as ‘under 2.5 goals’ and ‘over 2.5 goals’. It is clear that no team can score half a goal, and that's why ‘under 2.5’ means the team to score 0, 1 or 2 goals, and ‘over 2.5’ means 3, 4, 5 or even more goals scored. It doesn't matter which team has scored the goals. You just have to guess their number in total;

• Bet for number of red and yellow cards (over and under a certain number) – that betting option is very similar to that one for the total number of goals scored;

• Number of corners – how many corners there will be during the match. There is also a variant to do soccer forecast on how many corners just one of the teams will have;

• Number of penalties – usually, in that case the main type of bet is whether there will be a penalty kick during the match or not;

• Top scorer of the match – you can try to guess who will score the most goals, and whether anyone will score goals. There are varieties which guarantee you returning your money, if the player you have chosen doesn’t play. But if he plays for just one minute only, at the end of the match, for example, your bet is still valid. Our advice is to think carefully before you start gambling.

Last but not least, BestPaidTips.com should point out that many bookies nowadays offer live score betting option, which is pretty interesting and exciting. Really and truly, isn’t it great to watch the match and earn some easy money at the same time?

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