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sport tips In general, sports betting bring you either loss or profit. You like basketball and are willing to gamble? Read on and you will get familiar with the essentials. The common reasons, according for losing your cash, when you bet are:

• Including emotions – many players bet on their favorite team, no matter what their condition at the moment is. The reasonable analysis is replaced by emotions or any pseudo-logical explanations why this team should win. You have to make your basketball tips, based on some studies;

• Favourite bookmaker – if you have selected only one betting site and haven’t checked what kind of odds the others offer, then you should know that you’ve made a huge mistake. Very often laziness is the reason for the losses. Sometimes it is necessary to look at the odds in some other bookmakers, to make some comparison, etc.;

• You are going to watch that particular event on the TV or live stream, and that is why you’ve decided to bet. You must be really lucky if you win in such a case. No knowledge about the teams, neither good analysis – all of that doesn’t portend anything good for you;

• Choosing an unknown team – well, our arguments are almost the same as the previous ones. Betting on a team for which you know nothing is a dangerous pastime;

• Making too big bets – the bigger the stakes, the greater the risk. So never bet all your cash, no matter how confident you feel about your basketball forecast. Be especially careful in this regard, particularly if you are a gambler-beginner!

The first thing you must do before making the first bet is to check your finances. You need to know how much money you have and how much you could lose without changing your lifestyle. The next stage – set the percentage of capital risk in every bet. It is recommended for it to be no more than 1-3% for each stake. Then you won't be broke even after a long series of failures. Always choose the events on which you are going to bet very carefully.

Sometimes no matter how good your basketball predictions are, losses just happen. After that unpleasant experience you need to relax. Go somewhere for a walk. When you are back check out the statistics. Find what your mistake was. And never rush in ‘the game’ again, immediately after the loss. You may miss one or two rounds of the championship – there is nothing fatal about it. You can still enjoy your favourite basketball games, with a bunch of good friends and nice table!

Best tips blog

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